Why People Buy Instagram Likes? Complete Case Study

Instagram is catching up fast just like other social media platforms. Instagram is a platform where you can share so many things in your life in photo or video form. They can range from your new haircut, to that new date dress to even the most mundane thing like a sandwich.

It’s interesting to know that your favorite celebrity on Instagram probably bought him/herself some Instagram likes. And with that, became an overnight sensation. This is because naturally getting likes takes a lot of time, money, innovation and creativity. Sometimes it’s okay to go a little dark and buy Instagram likes.

As you start out with a personal account or a business account, you may consider to buy Instagram likes & buy real instagram followers. I know the first question that comes to mind is, is it safe?  I would say that buying Instagram likes is very safe because it is becoming one of the top sales platform for e-commerce.


What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Buying Instagram Likes?

While we’re looking at if it is safe to buy Instagram likes, you’re probably asking yourself how it will be beneficial to you. Here are some ways in which you will benefit when you buy Instagram likes from trusted sellers.

  • You will feel important in society

There’s nothing satisfying than looking at the photo/video you posted and see something like 280,000likes. You will feel like people know and appreciate you yet they’re not even real. Your social media presence will also be felt and if you have a business, get ready to start receiving a lot of phone calls.

  • You will attract a more natural following

When people notice that you have a lot of likes in your photos, naturally they’ll want to be associated with you. They’ll be curious as to why you have so many likes and in turn, follow you. When you buy Instagram likes, more natural followers will follow. So if you sell sporting gear and have like 5 likes on your photos, people won’t take you seriously. The more the likes, the more the followers.

  • It’s a cheap method

You will spend a lot of money traveling to get inspiration for new ideas. You will also spend a lot of time brainstorming and coming up with new ideas to post. There’s a cheaper way. Buy Instagram likes. It will indirectly act as a marketing tool for you.

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Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Likes?

Naturally, our minds are tuned to follow the more acceptable, less risky way of doing things. Especially those things you feel will break the law. So of course safety for yourself, your business/family comes first.

If you think buying Instagram likes is illegal, I’m here to tell you that it’s allowed. It’s legal. You can purchase as many Instagram likes as you can. The dynamism is off the charts! But bear in mind that buy likes followers on Instagram is not good if you buy them from untrusted sources. You’ll suck. But if you buy them from a safe source, be rest assured that you will not regret it. One of the trusted sources is Social Skips.

Every time we go online, we live some sort of imprint. So with buying likes Instagram comes the issue of reputation. Will people trust you when you buy Instagram likes? Normally, people don’t care whether your likes are fake or real. As long as it’s a huge following they just hit the ‘follow’ button and forget about it.

If you’re so worried about what people may say or think, you have an option of buying these likes gradually. With that, people won’t get suspicious of you. They will think that you’re doing some amazing stuff.

Thinking extensively outside the box before you buy Instagram followers likes is very normal. If you want to feel even at peace, get them from a trusted source. You can then sit back and watch yourself rising from the ashes of this fast paced world.

What Are Some Of The Ways I Can Get Instagram Likes Naturally?

For those of us who are a little paranoid and have to follow everything by the books, there’s a way you can get likes naturally. It may take a while but at least you’ll feel at peace with yourself and your followers.

If you have already taken the bold step and bought themselves some likes, you’ll learn something new too. With an army of likes comes even more work. You wouldn’t want the people you attract to start un-following you, right? So you will also need to find ways to keep them interested and at the same time attract other natural followers.

The following are some ways you can get likes more naturally.

Take Exceptional Photos

I’m sure you’ve visited other people’s Instagram accounts and based on the quality of their pictures, liked or just kept scrolling down. The same thing will go for you. If people visit your account and all they see are blurry unclear photos, they won’t even look twice.

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Your photos should have the correct lighting and clearly focused. You can learn more about taking photos by studying angles and shots. When you’ve understood these concepts, you’ll be able to take professional photos

Also, to take high-quality photos, you need a HD camera. We all own phones with cameras. So if your budget won’t allow for a new camera, use your phone. So any Samsung or iPhone will do the trick. High-quality pictures are naturally more attractive to look at.

Use Other Platforms To Your Advantage

Social media is a broad spectrum. Keeping up with the newly birthed platforms can be really hard. Among these many platforms there are those that are known all over the world. A few of them are Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat

When you open an Instagram account, you will always get an option of ‘connect with Facebook’ or ‘connect with Twitter’. If you have accounts in both of those platforms, Instagram can bring those two options. This allows the users of these other platforms who aren’t on Instagram to view your photos/videos.

Your fans/followers from other sites should be able to view everything you post on your Instagram account. This will naturally generate more likes and followers. So those who follow you on other sites but aren’t aware of your Instagram account, will spread the word and you’ll get more likes.

Another alternative is sharing information on your blog if you have one. You can post the link on every site possible to attract people. You can connect the link to your Instagram posts so that when anyone opens it, they’re redirected to your Instagram account.

Maximize On Local And Popular Hashtags

Hashtags help you understand what’s trending in your country and in the world. The local hashtags will be relevant to the people around you who understand it. The popular ones are most common with people in other countries of the world.

Local hashtags are an amazing way of reaching your country folk. It can be an amazing way of getting more likes.

It may be hard to follow these hashtags or the daily happenings in your country/state. But there’s a simple way to find out, thank the heavens for Google. You can search for your local hashtags an incorporate them in your photos.

Popular hashtags are for those people looking for an expansion to the rest of the world. These hashtags are known everywhere even the most remote part of the world. They help by allowing your photos to be viewed by so many people around the world. This will, of course, allow you to garner more likes. Some popular hashtags are #mothersday, #easterbunny, #tbt, #follow4follow and much more.

Share Intimate Scenes

When I say intimate I don’t mean getting freaky or anything of that sort. Research done posits that the human mind relates well to either pathos or ethos. The intimacy I mean is the ethos one.

Use your Instagram account to get intimate with your followers. You can post photos of the long day you had or behind the scenes footage. Actors and celebrities use this technique to get more likes and followers. People always like to see the real you when you’re tired or frustrated. They also want to see what exactly goes on for your photos to appear perfect.

So if you’ve had a long business meeting, you can share photos of that and explain what deliberations you were trying to come up with. You can also share photos of the company’s picnic or weekend off work. You can share photos of your employees being goofy. People will feel as if they’re connected to you. Since these are things they probably experience daily.

Tag Other People And Brands

The trick is to appear as natural as possible, right? A good idea would be to tag your friends and brands that relate to your company. I know we all have that friend we’re a little jealous of because they have so many likes and followers.

This can be a good opportunity to use them in your company/business. When you post a photo, tag them. All their followers will get to see your photo, and they will follow you. They can’t be necessarily photos of your product, it can be of funny videos and memes. When people see them, they naturally will think that you post funny stuff so they will follow you. You can also tell them to tag a friend. This helps in spreading the word

Alternatively, you can tag the brands that directly/indirectly associate with your product. If you buy and sell fashion products, you can tag the popular magazines people in your area will be able to associate with. For example, the brand ambassadors of Cosmopolitan or Vogue usually tag these magazines in their posts. Not only does this increase their likes and followers but also the magazines’.

Post Photos Of Customers

This doesn’t seem as important but it is. People need to know that your company exists and that your products work

A good example is face cream companies. Most of the time, they post before and after photos of their customers who have used their products. This is a good way of spreading the word that hey, we can take care of your problem when you visit us.

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Photos of your customers also look more intimate and engaging. Don’t forget to tag the people in the photo as well. Post quotes and comment on popular peoples photos

This is very important on Instagram. You don’t always want to appear so official in your posts. People will get bored. Sometimes it’s helpful to post quotes. They could be from popular celebs or philanthropists. These quotes will make your followers feel inspired, and they will tag and share the quote. This will generate more likes and followers.

When you comment, ensure it’s positive. It will catch the eye of a few people. This is because they will most often view your account to see what you are up to.

Final Verdict

It is very safe to buy Instagram likes from reputable service providers. When you buy genuine likes, you can watch your likes multiplying and your posts become very popular. Buying Instagram likes is a proven method to boost your social image. It will seem scary at first, but years from now it will be one of the best decisions you made.

You should also know how to grow your Instagram following well by knowing your audience and engaging them. On top of that, you should share great contents and you will see your account growing and having more followers.

It’s also a very cheap process. By swiping your credit card, you can get an army of likes. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising. The Instagram likes will work for you. Just keep in mind that you should buy them from a trusted source.

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