Why Celebrity Buy Twitter Followers? Behind Dirty Secret

Social Media has made the world become a global village. There are so many social media platforms, and Twitter is among the most popular. Using its 140 characters, you can make yourself known. You can create a well-established space and reputation for yourself. This, of course, isn’t possible when you don’t have followers. They’re the backbone of the Twitter community.

Naturally getting a battalion of followers may be hard and may take years of innovation and creativity. However, with this fast paced world, you will need to make yourself known before you’re ‘trampled’ on by people or business. To avoid this, you can buy Twitter followers

So if you’re for example making a business plan for a new business venture, you may consider adding ‘buy real twitter followers’. Through this article, you’ll realize that doing so has loads of benefits; like it will save you time and money. We’ll look at some concerns you may have and also look at a few reasons buy twitter followers cheap is a smart idea.

Concerns You May Have Concerning Buying Twitter Followers

Bought Twitter followers aren’t really tangible people compared to those got naturally. They’re like dummies in a movie set. For this reason, you may be a little skeptical when it comes to buy cheap twitter followers. Below are some addressed concerns

Will these followers be engaging?

Of course not. When you buy followers on twitter, it doesn’t mean you’re buying people, just numbers. They’re not interested in you or your products. They are there to attract an even larger natural following. You will however, start addressing your followers as ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ to appear more natural.

Will my reputation be at risk when I buy real twitter followers cheap?

To answer this, you must first ask yourself, what is reputation? The world today is so advanced that everyone has their own definition of literally everything. While some people think buy targeted twitter followers will ruin your integrity/reputation, others feel like it’s an okay process. However, when you buy Twitter followers, it’s crucial to tread with caution.

For example, if you opened a Twitter account yesterday and by the end of the day had 50 followers. Overnight, you decide to buy followers, and by morning, you have like 50,000 followers, naturally, people will get suspicious of you.

To tackle this, you can buy followers on twitter gradually. You can make it a 3-6month plan such that every week/month you buy more followers. Your natural followers will just assume that you’re doing some amazing stuff that could be attracting a large following

Will I get caught?

No one likes to be on the wrong side of the law. So you may think twitter followers buy is illegal. Well, it’s very legal. But keep in mind that buying likes and followers isn’t good if you buy them from untrusted sources you’ll suck. But if you buy from a safe source it’s the best thing that will have happened to you.

Having these concerns is normal. Just make sure you follow the right channels when buying Twitter followers to be extra cautious.

Other than that, this next section is going to answer our title’s question. Why buy Twitter followers? Stick around. Some of the angles to it will blow your mind.

You Will Look And Feel Prominent

Having a large following is a step very close to narcissistic behavior. Social media is a platform that allows you to get wanted/unwanted attention. For instance, if a celebrity posts a picture of a sandwich, it will probably get more likes and retweets. A normal person can take a lot of time coming up with something very creative/innovative and end up getting 10 likes. This can be a reason this person would consider buy real twitter followers.

The value of your presence on social media, in this case, Twitter, may sound stupid but it really is important. It correlates with someone being very important in society. If you run an event organizing company and have like a million followers, most high-end firms and companies will consider having you for planning their events.

If you have a large Twitter following, it reassures your clients, audiences and other companies that you know what you’re doing. And this will bring in more money for you. People will also recognize you. When they do, you’ll start getting treated like a VIP. This boosts your ego and ultimately your business since you’ll be under constant pressure to deliver.

The Theory Of The Bandwagon Syndrome

This theory has the same relation as a bandwagon. It can carry a band of musicians in a parade. A lot of people will follow that bandwagon with musicians as a onetime experience, to interact with them and to listen to their music. It is the same thing with buy twitter followers cheap of course without the musicians or a parade.

When you buy followers on twitter, like I mentioned in point (1) above, you get to be recognized. People start getting curious. When they do, they tend to visit and follow your account to be a part of this huge bandwagon of followers you have. People tend to want to associate with prominent people. Having a huge Twitter following will put you on that pedestal.

If for example you’re a fashion stylist, but you only have 50followers, people will feel like you style your family members or friends. But if you have a number like 1000followers you will become a more reliable source one that people will be interested in and follow.

In short, your fake Twitter followers will be ‘working’ for you indirectly. They’re there to attract a large more natural following.

It’s A Quick, Simple And Cheap Shortcut

We’ve all grown up being told that shortcuts are dangerous. Some of them of course, are but buying Twitter followers is one of those shortcuts that might actually be a good thing.

Picture this, you have a business. There’s this new product you’ve launched let’s say it’s a new type of cake. You will have to do a lot to make the new product known. You will spend a lot of money buying air time in television and radios for them to run it as a commercial. You will print a lot of fliers, brochures, and billboards to hang them around your neighborhood. You may end up paying more money to a celebrity to endorse it. All this will cost you a lot of money and a whole lot of time you’d have used to come up with another product

As you can see, it’s hectic making yourself known naturally on social media. You’ll have to post funny videos, be up to date with the happenings of the world or think of things that will attract people to your account. Even if you manage to do all the above, people will still ask who you are.

It’s so easy when you buy Twitter followers. Through Twitter, you can post the launch of your new product to your fake followers to attract the real ones to boost your sales. You can then use your extra time and money to get more innovative ideas to keep your new natural followers interested in your products. The best thing is that buying Twitter followers is so cheap.

Everyone Is Doing It

Nowadays, everyone even our grandparents have a smartphone, laptop or tablet to use to connect to the world. Having a real conversation with people is very difficult. You get judged by how many followers you have or your social media presence compared to what you have intellectually.

It’s an unfortunate thing but you can make it work for you. A lot of newbie business owners, celebrities, politicians, comedians and other influential people are known to buy Twitter followers. These people have a huge advantage having an army of Twitter followers.

You can make this your thing too. Instead of staying behind and after 10years start thinking where it went wrong, you can buy your own Twitter followers. A lot of these celebrities you see even those you have never heard of any substantial thing they have done, they started by buying Twitter followers. If you do some research, you’ll find that a lot of the followers are fake/inactive but hey, you know about them right?

Improves Your Brand Exposure

The world today is about the best brands and companies. If your brand is known throughout the world, you instantly become famous. Take for example Colgate or Coca Cola. Everyone even those in the most remote places on earth have heard of them and are probably using their products.

It’s the same thing with having a lot of Twitter followers. This is because there’s a very high chance of your followers coming for different countries in different parts of the world. With this, your product becomes gold to the eyes of your followers.

So when you buy Twitter followers, you will attract people from different countries who’ll be interested in your product. They will then spread the word to their friends in other countries/state who will then spread the word. This phrase ‘tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend’ will clearly work for you. In the end, you’ll be known everywhere in a short time.

You Will Get To Work Even Harder

When you watch Superhero movies, you see how the normal citizens look to these Superheroes for literally everything. In short, they can’t fully function without them.

The same thing happens with people with an army of Twitter followers. Take for example musicians. They’re constantly under pressure to come up with new tracks to entertain their fans. They also get endorsements, commercials or movie roles.

Starting with buying Twitter followers may end up causing you to work even harder. This is because as I mentioned before, they attract real people to your account. You will need to work harder to keep these followers interested in your topics, services or products. When you get to do something important, people look to you to get more services or products from you.

You will also have to work harder to get more natural followers since of course, you can’t survive with fake followers for the rest of your life. You’ll have to take that extra step. Work extra hours, employ more people, have more meetings, get more deals, meet more investors, travel to different places, launch products everywhere, get television and radio air time and much more.

All this hard work will get you more followers that will, in turn, earn you more money.

Just to make yourself known even more after you buy Twitter followers you can use these methods to make yourself known to get more natural followers

  • You can buy space from Twitter to run your ads. This communicates with Twitter to optimize your ads so that a lot of people get to see it. You can do this by targeting the demographics of the people who’d be interested in your products
  • Ensure that your ads run in the correct channels. For example, if your ads pop up in Asian Twitter accounts, you will get more Asian followers. If that’s not your demographic you’d have failed.

Final Verdict

So you see, buying Twitter followers may just be the boost your company/business needs. The power to increase sales, get brand exposure and get known is literally in your hands.

Buying Twitter followers is relatively cheap. You can get some from as low as $5. You should, however, take caution when buying Twitter followers. If your senses start tingling when you’re on a site that claims to sell Twitter followers, then it’s probably an illegal site.

So basically this decision is in your hands. You can choose to buy Twitter followers and make some real money and take a relatively short time. Alternatively, you can take the long route, earning them naturally. It may take a long time but some day you’ll make it. You can however, make this someday a day like this 6months from now. Your choice.

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